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Some great stuff happens while you’re sleeping, dude. While you’re lying there drooling and dreaming, the Bode Rest stuff is working through your snoring self, feeding your body with weight-loss nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Bode RestAwesome. You don’t have to do a thing. Drink Bode Rest and go lie down. Get out of your own way. Let the smart supplements get ‘er done.

What are they doing? Slowing your ass down so you can prepare for a good sleep. Doing that with natural herbs and fruits like Mangosteen Superfruit which is called a super fruit because it is packed with healthy nutritional stuff and all you need to do is take it and lie down. Kinda like my dog.

What else are the smart guys and gals at Bode Vemma doing to help you rest? Bode Rest is doing it with protein mix that has peas and rice in it so it’s like you’re eating healthy while doing nothing. Protein cuts your appetite so you’re not one of those losers that wakes up hungry and 2 a.m. and scarfs down a PB&J that sits like a load on you.

Bode Rest – while you’re still dreaming of a big white beach or having a million bucks or other things we can’t talk about on a semi-family blog – has this Vemma Formula which rocks it with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that improve your immunity and general health while you ZZZZZZ.

I love the antioxidant thing. All these toxins we manage to ingest just walking around in this world? The Bode Rest night crew is like inside your body scrubbing things down, moving it out, keeping your motor running clean.

What else is in this Bode Rest stuff? Well, fiber, which is a nutritional necessity that helps you feel fuller longer – again avoiding the 2 a.m. fridge raid – and helps keeps your insulin in the normal range.  Not too much about me in the “normal” range so I’m happy to get this assist here.

Bode Rest has my favorite smart-sounding component: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which you meathead types know helps to support healthy muscle mass and weight loss.  Even meatheads need help while they sleep.

I love sleep, I really do.  Sometimes I crave it and I don’t always get it. When I’m stressing about money or the kids or whatever I don’t just fall asleep like some princess in a fairy tell so Bode Rest helps get me to la-la land with healthy, natural, good ingredients.

We NEED to rest and sleep. Any athlete knows that rest has to be as much a part of the program as working. When we sleep we restore. And Bode Rest takes that restorative process up a notch, making sure my body has a breather, a chance to recover from what I put it through all day.

Check out some of the other herbs and natural ingredients in the Bode Rest formula.  I could bore you to sleep if you want.  Or you could just lap it up, and lie down.


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